Peer-review process

The Annals of Crosscuts editors —and our peer-reviewers— conduct a structured selection process on submitted films, including a second round of double blind review. Peer-review at its best, and developed in the written sciences and its correspondences, is here seen as one of the most valuable resources in research and knowledge production. It entails the possibility to continue to learn and develop by acknowledging and interacting with your peers. The process involves opportunities to further skills and understanding through dialogical engaged critique and feedback. Annals of Crosscuts aspires to engage with, and further develop the peer-review process as an integrated part of the film-based research process, and in the longer perspective helps create and nurture its community of filmmakers and their peers. For more details see the Appendix of the Editor´s introduction.

Films accepted

Accepted films premiered during the Crosscuts festival on 21-24th November 2019 and later included in the digital “Ruptured Times” special issue that was published in March 2021.