Stockholm Environmental Humanities Festival for Film & Text

22-24 November 2019

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Crosscuts Guests of Honor 2019
Filmmaker and writer Trinh T. Minh-Ha and urban scholar and sociologist Saskia Sassen
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Editors of Annals of Crosscuts
Editors and reviewers are international scholars and filmmakers….
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Om festivalen
Crosscuts är en årlig forskningsdriven, internationell filmfestival…
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Crosscuts Festival

Crosscuts festival is an annual event created together with invited scholars and artists in the environmental humanities. Join us for the 2019 edition of Crosscuts at Bio Rio in Stockholm, Nov 22-24, on the theme Ruptured Times.

Annals of Crosscuts



Side events


Crosscuts  is organized by the KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory (EHL) at the Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment in collaboration with the Department of Media Studies at Stockholm University and the Situated Ecologies Platform. 

Crosscuts comes across as a cutting-edge bridge between academia, the art world, and the public sphere. This is eminently in line with KTH’s best traditions; the school’s motto famously brings together science and art.

Jan Olsson, Professor of Cinema Studies, Stockholm University