Thank you everyone who participated in

Crosscuts – the third edition

September 1 at  Ångdomen, KTH Royal Institute of Technology



Stockholm Environmental Humanities Festival for Film & Text

Crosscuts was founded by the KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory (EHL)

at the Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment in collaboration

with the Department of Media Studies at Stockholm University, and the

the Situated Ecologies Platform. 

“Crosscuts comes across as a cutting-edge bridge between academia, the art world, and the public sphere. This is eminently in line with KTH’s best traditions; the school’s motto famously brings together science and art.”

Jan Olsson

Professor emeritus of Cinema Studies at Stockholm University

Jan Olsson

Professor of Cinema Studies at Stockholm University

“Rather than perpetuating the conventional academic mode of compartmentalizing knowledge, separating theory and practice, and adopting a hierarchized and exclusive treatment of the visual and the verbal, your events were made to bring scholars and artists together and to speak to both in the vibrant questions they raised with their researches.”

Trinh T. Minh-ha

Filmmaker, Writer and Professor at the University of California Berkeley