Funding and Support

  • Towards a Visual Environmental Humanities in the Digital Era, FORMAS (Swedish Research Council for Sustainable Development)(Diarienr 2016-00612)
  • Leading Research Environment Global Media Studies and the Politics of Mediated Communication, Stockholm University
  • Occupy Climate Change!, FORMAS (Swedish Research Council for Sustainable Development) (Diarienr: 2017-01962_3)
  • Environment and Sustainability Without Boundaries 2018, KTH Sustainability Office (Diarienr: V-2018-0833, KS-kod 2.4.4)
  • Centre for a Sustainable Built Environment, KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Diarienr: A-2019-2008)

Graphic design of logotype and posters

Carlos Carmona Medina

Web design

Laura Pietilä and Wrange Design


Cinemateket, GT30 and Bio Rio


Opening page photo “Untitled” by Vy Tran (2018); Democratic Practices PhD Seminar photo “Bloody Nose David” by Dan Cretu (2016).
Annals of Crosscuts page photo by Viktor Wrange.
Program 2018 photo from “Gállok“.
Program 2019 photo from “Maraká’nà”.
Additional photo credits: Stills from the films “Grit”, “Badiou” and “Forgetting Vietnam”, other photos from Maxpixel and Unsplash