Annals of Crosscuts

Annals of Crosscuts is a peer-reviewed publication for film-based research. The section is developed to support the use of film and cinema as integral practices in the environmental humanities. We welcome filmmakers in the arts, sciences and humanities that experiment with and see potential in using the moving image as a complement and/or challenge to text-based research. The aim is to support and develop transmodal scholarship.

How to apply

The application period is closed.

Annals welcomes films of any genre that are the outcomes of sustained research efforts.  A first round of review will be followed by a submission of a work in progress. Final films will have a maximum length of 50 minutes. All projects will also declare a code of ethics, including consent and rights to filmic material.


KTH Environmental Humanities Lab, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.

Peer-review: June-Sept 2019
Publication: 22-24 Nov 2019