By Edward Lawrenson, Killian Doherty

2021 • 30min • United Kingdom, Ireland • English

An architect and filmmaker from Europe visit a town in the remote highlands of Liberia, once a thriving mining community, now decaying and desolate: a concrete ruin in the West African bush. Exploring the town, these researchers discover through its buildings a story of the promise of prosperity and forgotten injustices. A film about architecture, about the remnants of colonialism, and the spiritual cost of industrial mining.

Supported by Open City Border Crossing, The Bartlett UCL and the Irish Arts Council.


Edward Lawrenson • edlawrenson@yahoo.com

Killian Doherty • killian.doherty@gmail.com

To request the full film contact grasshopperfilm.com (US) or the filmmakers (outside US).

Cite this film:

Lawrenson, Edward, and Killian Doherty. 2021. ‘Uppland’ (30 minutes, HD). In Annals of Crosscuts: Films of Environmental Humanities 1 (1)CERN: Zenodo. DOI:10.5281/zenodo.4303831.