Rhino People

By Andrew Mitchell, Kate Marx, Fenella Eason, Samantha Hurn, Alexander Badman-King

2021 • 34min • United Kingdom, South Africa • English

The three films that comprise the Rhino People triptych seek to show the diverse and devastating impacts of poaching on rhinos and the humans who care for them in South Africa. They document some of the ways in which rhino deaths are experienced by surviving humans and rhinos. The films were inspired by scholarship from the environmental humanities which identifies the potential of ‘storied mourning’ as a catalyst for perceptual change. They are therefore intended as a form of activism, encouraging viewers to make an emotional connection with the human and rhino victims of poaching. Each short film has also been translated into Vietnamese for distribution with consumers or potential consumers of rhino horn, as Vietnam is recognised as the largest consumer base for rhino horn products. It is hoped that the films will initiate positive changes in consumers’ perceptions and behaviours in relation to rhino horn consumption.


Samantha Hurn • s.hurn@exeter.ac.uk


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Mitchell, Andrew, Kate Marx, Fenella Eason, Samantha Hurn, and Alexander Badman-King. 2021. ‘Rhino People’ (34 minutes, HD). In Annals of Crosscuts: Films of Environmental Humanities 1 (1)CERN: Zenodo. DOI:10.5281/zenodo.4303909.